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Welcome to the revised version of our web site, which now consists of about 3,600 pages.

This site is an unofficial web site, and has no connection whatsoever with the Doncaster Rovers Official Site - or any other unofficial Doncaster Rovers web site.

The site was originally set up in early 1999, when we approached the club with a view to running an official site, as they did not, at that time, have an Internet presence. For what ever reason, which we fully respect, the club decided to engage another party to design an official site, and consequently, we spent some months in a total redesign to improve our version, removing any reference to any official status at the same time. The site was launched early in the year of 2000 with no publicity, and our "readership" has since grown from under 2,000 in the first month to more than four times that figure, which now shows that over 50,000 pages are viewed on the site each month(October, 2001). The traffic to this site now virtually equals the entire group of unofficial sites which have been set up concerning Doncaster Rovers FC.

We acknowledge that there are some very good unofficial Doncaster Rovers sites, and each have their own strengths, and we have no intention of entering into direct competition with some of these features, such as the on-line discussion forums. We feel that there are sufficient outlets for that feature without the requirement for any more - we also feel that it would not fit into our current plan of what we wish to do with the site.

With this being an unofficial web site, we inevitably have incurred a number of costs to operate at the level necessary to provide what we feel is a satisfactory service. There is also the question of time necessary on a daily basis to keep the content up to date. Although we have not previously carried any advertising (apart from a temporary arrangement to acknowledge the use of some server space), we feel that it is now appropriate to do so. However, the amount of advertising space which will be available will be limited, so that there is an element of exclusivity, and so that the general appearance of each page is not unduly compromised. We are therefored currently considering a limited number of advertising/sponsorship options which may appear on our site in the coming months. If anyone wishes to place an advertisement, or to sponsor either the entire site or certain pages/sections within it, we will be glad to hear from you, with details of both the party wishing to advertise, and also the amount that you feel is an appropriate sum for that advert.

Some of the other unofficial sites have set themselves up with a heavy editorial bias towards or against certain topics or people. Our editorial policy is to present each item in as unbiased a way as possible - it does not serve any useful purpose to criticise wantonly, and can, in our view, only harm the club. We will not campaign, at any time, for the removal of staff, players or directors (whether or not we have any sympathy with such views) as it cannot be in the best interests of the club. Content of this site will always have some Rovers connection - and we like to keep our visitors informed as to the current exploits of players who have now left the club.

Further to the comments made above, although we have stated above that we did approach the club to run the official site, we do not support any campaign to criticise the official site - it has improved greatly since the engagement of Steve Uttley Media, with whom we have a very good understanding - and for that, we thank him.

We are always open to comments from anyone visiting this site, as it is only be receiving such feedback that we can assess what the supporters want from a web site. When making comments, it is always beneficial if they are well reasoned and supported by evidence or examples, as we can then take the viewpoint all the more seriously. If the comments are, in our opinion, justified and will also improve the quality of the site, we undertake to find a way of making the changes suggested. This includes the addition of certain features that we do not currently offer.

We have attempted to ask permission for any material that appears on this site. Much of it is our own work, for which we claim the copyright, and as such, we prohibit the unauthorised use of material from this site. We have sourced our material from a great number of sources, and always ask if we may use it - but with the vast amount we have now accumulated, it is inevitable that there may be the occasional omission. If there is - we apologize for these, and will strive to come to a satisfactory agreement with the copyright holder as necessary.


www.doncasterrovers.co.uk is owned and operated entirely independent of Doncaster Rovers Football Club. As it is an unofficial site, the views expressed are those of the contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Doncaster Rovers Football Club. Also, any queries relating to Doncaster Rovers should be directed to the club, and not to this site. Anyone sending us any queries which are clearly intended to be sent to the club will be forwarded on as relevant, although we will always advise the sender of that we have done.

We believe that all the information that we publish on our web site is accurate. However, some news material, by its very nature is not always verifiable. We will try to verify such information as much as possible, which may consequently result in a delay, but we feel that this is more preferable than publishing an inaccurate story. Anyone supplying us with information should understand our position - we do not intend any offence, or in any way intend to infer that we believe the supplied information to be false. Conversely, if we publish any information with you believe to be untrue, we will withdraw the relevant article immediately for subsequently verification.


It is impossible to produce a site with as vast an archive as we have produced without relying on material from third parties. Some of this material has previously been published elsewhere - and some of it has been supplied expressly for use on this web site.

We would like to acknowledge the help of many people, but would particularly wish to thank the assistance and support of Joe Hoggins, the Chief Executive Officer of Doncaster Rovers FC., and Steve Uttley, who operates the official club web site. They have given us invaluable assistance over a long period of time. As we are an unofficial site, it would have been understandable if they had co-operated less than they have done - and for that we are deeply indebted to them. They have given us permission to take photographs at Belle Vue, to use pictures and information extracted from both the official web site, and from the hundreds of Rovers match-day programmes over the years.

No-one preparing any historical material about the club can do so without being aware of the invaluable work which has been done by Tony Bluff and Barry Watson when they produced what we term "The Bible" - in reality, its title is "Donny - the official history of Doncaster Rovers." Although long out of print, and in some respects a little out of date, it will always be a massive source of reference for us.

Several other people have offered direct help, which is also greatly appreciated, as much of these offers have come in without any soliciting. I would like to mention three people in this respect - Paul Gilligan, John Coyle and Tom Beardsley, who have both offered and given their time and expertise to enable us to improve the service we are able to bring to you.

News items are obtained from an infinite number of sources, which are too numerous to mention, as the source often depends on the nature of the story involved. As mentioned, some material comes from the official club site with due permission.

We also use the following sources (although this is not an exclusive list, and there is no significance in the order in which we list them): the BBC web site, Daily Telegraph, Doncaster Free Press, the Nationwide League web site, the Conference guide web site, BBC's Ceefax, ITV's Oracle, the Doncaster Star, the sports.com web site, and several web sites (both official and unofficial of Conference, Nationwide League, Premiership and non-league clubs). In some cases, where we feel appropriate, we give a direct acknowledgement in the news item. To avoid any copyright problems, we do not merely reproduce items from other sources - we often merge several sources to produce one unique account of the item.


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